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Minnesota is often referred to as the land of 10,000 lakes (and 10 million mosquitos!). I've dedicated a specific gallery of imagery for this state because it's where I was born, raised and lived for a majority of my time on this planet. Minnesota is often defined by its cold winter weather. While that certainly may be true, not many people realize that the summer season is actually very hot and humid at times as well. You definitely experience a full dose of all four seasons's just a bit heavy on the winter months! The topography of the state can be divided into the bluff lands of the southeast, the wide open, flat prairie lands of the west, the heavily forested northern sector and the hilly, glacially-gorged area of the northeast. It is that northeast portion of the state (often referred to as the North Shore as it's adjacent to mighty Lake Superior), that gets most of the attention from photographers. And justifiably so, the region is chalked full of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and is unique in that one can witness coastal like scenes and conditions despite being far, far away from any ocean. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul form the industrial and cultural hub of the state and a majority of the state's population reside there.
Play BallRush HourMinneapolis On FireSplit Rock MoonriseAutumn LighthouseAutumn In St. PaulAutumn GlowSkyscraper ReflectionMinneopa FallsSt. Paul FireworksSpoon and CherrySplit Rock on FireUpper Gooseberry FallsGooseberry FallsFirst Rays on MinneapolisMoon Over St. PaulMinnehaha Ice FallsA Superior SunriseSpanning The MississippiBWCA Sunset