Guy's interest in photography took hold in 2001 when he bought his first digital camera. Already an avid outdoorsman, he quickly discovered a passion for nature photography and immersed himself into self-study of both the technical and artistic aspects of the craft. Eventually, his work transformed from simply recording nature for his own enjoyment to creating works of art in an effort to bring awareness of this great land we live in to a much larger audience.

In 2007, Guy took a leap of faith and relocated from the Upper Midwest to southwest Colorado and finally Sedona, Arizona. Upon embarking upon this journey, he gave up a long career in the software development industry to forge a new one as a professional photographer. He traveled the west and immersed himself in the wondrous and diverse landscape that uniquely defines this part of the country. Eventually, he found his work being represented by several art galleries and published in magazines, calendars, and a wide variety of advertising materials. Guy is a regular contributor to the Arizona Highways family of publications, including their award winning magazine, calendars and nature guides. Other notable clients include Backpacker Magazine, The Wilderness Society, AAA, Smith-Southwestern Publishing, Colorado Life Magazine, and many others. For those who desire to view his work in the form of fine art prints, Guy exhibits his work at various art festivals throughout Arizona.

Guy utilizes the latest in digital photography technology to produce imagery of the utmost vibrancy and clarity. He takes special pride in ensuring a scene is optimally captured in camera and then works to bring out its subtle nuances back in the “digital darkroom”. He also takes pride in printing much of his own work, as it allows for total control over the artistic process from shutter snap to final print.

Guy can often be found plying his craft at countless scenic locales throughout Sedona, the Desert Southwest, and beyond in a never ending search for the perfect combination of light and landscape.


Artist's Statement


Nature photography affords me a means of capturing beautiful and/or dramatic moments in time worthy of remembrance. With a little luck, my fine art imagery will inspire and bring awareness to the viewer of the incredible beauty that surrounds us all and the need to preserve it. It is my sincere hope that future generations will be able to experience the same wonder and awe that I've experienced when witnessing the scenes I've captured.