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This is a collection of mostly birding images from a trip to Florida in early March, 2018. Notable stops on this trip included Gatorland in Orlando, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge near Cape Canaveral, and the Venice Rookery on the eastern gulf coast.
Great Egret Mating Display - GatorlandGreat Blue Heron Nest - Venice RookeryGreat Egret Nest - Venice RookeryGlossy Ibis - Venice RookeryGreat Blue Heron Nest - Venice RookeryTri-Colored Heron - GatorlandLurking Gator - Merritt IslandOsprey In Flight - Merritt IslandShowy Snowy Egret - GatorlandCormorant Sunrise Silhouettes - Venice RookeryGreat Egret Mating Display - GatorlandVenice Pier at SunsetNest Building Wood Storks - GatorlandCattle Egrets - Venice RookeryGator Reflection - GatorlandOsprey Sparring - Merritt IslandGreat Egret Chicks - GatorlandAnhinga Nest - Venice RookeryGreat Egret Chick - GatorlandGreat Egrets Protecting Nest - Gatorland