Print Information & Pricing


Print Only: All my giclee prints are printed on a Canon imagePROGRAF IPF6400 professional grade printer using Canon's 12-color pigment ink set and Moab's Lasal Exhibition Luster fine art paper. This combination yields a superior light-fade resistance which has been tested to last more than 100 years if properly cared for. To ensure this, carefully consider the following tips...


  • Stored the print flat (if possible) in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight until ready for framing.

  • Framing (and optionally matting) should be performed in a reasonable time frame. Immediately, if possible, or at least within a couple of weeks to at most a month.

  • The mount board and matte should consist of acid-free, archival quality materials.

  • Glass or acrylic materials should provide UV protection.

  • When choosing a location for hanging the framed print, try to minimize the amount of direct sunlight that will shine upon it as that can dramatically alter the rate of fading.

​All prints will be open editioned, signed (unless directed not to do so) and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity that should be affixed to the back of the final framed print. 


Pricing Only Pricing:

8x12  - $45

12x18 - $75

16x24 - $110

20x30 - $150

24x36 - $225


While most prints on this site can be printed at any of the above mentioned sizes, there are some exceptions where the resolution of the print's digital file may prevent it from being printed at the 20x30 and/or 24x36 sizes for quality reasons. For such prints you'll notice that these sizes are not offered when entering the purchasing process.


Finally, it should be noted that I guarantee all my work. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with a print you may return it for a refund or exchange (return shipping costs shall be incurred by the purchaser). The return process can be initiated by messaging me via the contact page on this site or by emailing me directly. Please state the reason for the return/exhange. Instructions on how/where to ship the print will be supplied at that point.


Canvas Wraps, Colorbox, Metal Mounts: I do offer prints in these mounting options (and sell them at art shows all the time), but haven't yet fully automated this site to allow them to be placed into the cart. Until that time arrives, I ask that any purchase inquiries should be sent to me via the contact page where I can handle the order off-line. 


Canvas Wrap and Colorbox Pricing:

12x18  - $175

16x24  - $225

20x30  - $295

24x36  - $395

32x48  - $525


Metal Pricing:

12x18  - $175

16x24  - $325

20x30  - $425

24x36  - $595


I also plan to include detailed descriptions with illustrations for each of these mount types in the near future. Please bear with me!