45 photos

This gallery contains my collection of Arizona bird images that I've shot in the spring of 2016.
Hooded Oriole On Agave BloomLucy's Warbler on Agave BloomWestern TanagerWestern TanagerGila WoodpeckerLadder-backed Woodpecker on Agave BloomVerdin on Agave BloomScott's OrioleBullock's OrioleWestern Tanager on Agave BloomBullock's Oriole (juvenile male)Hooded Oriole On Agave BloomHooded Oriole - Sedona, ArizonaWarbling Vireo - Oak Creek CanyonYellow Warbler - Oak Creek CanyonAmerican Robin - Oak Creek CanyonPainted Redstart - Oak Creek CanyonCanyon Wren - Oak Creek CanyonAcorn Woodpecker - Oak Creek CanyonNorthern Flicker - Oak Creek Canyon